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Wanda Malhotra & Clelia Angelon

Wanda Malhotra & Clelia AngelonClelia Angelon and her daughter Wanda Malhotra founded Surya Brasil in 1995. Surya Brasil is the leading natural henna based hair colouring range globally. Together they drive the brand’s vision, strategy and growth worldwide. Dedicated to sustainably creating the healthiest natural, organic and vegan products possible, both Wanda and Clelia have been immersed in the world of Ayurvedic and organic living their entire lives.

Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life,Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay healthy while realizing their full human potential. In Wanda and Clelia’s minds and hearts this combination of health and wellness is the recipe for a beautiful life.

Their very first natural beauty encounters began together as a generational family experience. “I was born and raised in Brazil but my heritage is equal parts Italian and Indian and it was my family who showed me how to take care of myself and use the best of what nature provides,” explains Wanda.

“At Surya Brasil we believe we are not just in the natural beauty business but in the business of making conscious decisions about a healthier lifestyle that respects every living creature, our planet and our future.” says Clelia.

Wanda and Clelia are determined to build a brand that not only creates natural, healthy products but one that gives back to society and the environment. Surya Brasil continues to inspire through Surya Solidarity, the brand’s social division that focuses on animal protection, environmental preservation, educational transformation and human rights. For more information on the full range of Surya Brasil hair and beauty products check out Surya Brasil henna hair colouring, Color Fixation haircare range, Amazonia Preciosa organic haircare range, the beautiful Sapien Men and Women’s organic body and hair care ranges and many others.