Surya Brasil Customer Testimonials

Below is a selection of Surya Brasil Customer Testimonials.
All reviews and testimonials are from 2007-2013

Surya was also easy to apply and smelled great compared to typical henna.” – D.Straight

Perfect if you want to give to your hair a touch of shine and cover some gray. I have a few gray hairs and they were totally covered with a golden colour, very natural.”– Ingrid Vargas

My hair is soft and shiny and ALL the gray is covered. It lasted about 6 weeks and I will definitely be purchasing this product again.” – C. Bonner

I used to use Revlon’s Perfect 10 and was very happy with the results. However, I developed a severe allergic reaction after using it for about a year. I then tried the Aveda hair colour – both the permanent and semi-permanent – and still had a bad allergic reaction. So Henna was my only choice. I have completely silver hair and I have to say that the henna coverage was really quite good for me; I’d say it was close to, if not completely, 100% covered and, most importantly, I had absolutely no allergic reaction.”

Bottom line: good grey coverage and a good choice for those with allergies or who want to use an all natural product. – Allen Costell

“This is the number one product on earth and a gift from the galaxies to any girl that wants to go red.”– Redhairandfreckles

I stopped using commercial hair colour as I read more and more about how toxic it is for me. I get amazing, long lasting, vibrant tones with this product, and unlike regular hair colour, it leaves my hair feeling and looking more healthy than before I use it. You get all kinds of tones and highlights, and I feel so much better knowing I am not absorbing deadly chemicals through my scalp. What a gift of a product!” – Julie

This hair colour is one of only a handful that I can tolerate due to allergies to things like gluten and chemicals. There is no detectable smell, which I love because chemical scents give me migraines. I find the colour lasts longest if you leave it in longer; I like to put my hair up in a plastic cap and watch a movie while the colour sinks in. It’s HIGHLY moisturizing, but not oily. I find it’s even more nourishing than conditioning treatments. I also like to add a bit to my daily conditioner to help keep the colour for a full 6-8 weeks. The colour also seems more vibrant to me than the salon shades”. – Anise