Surya Brasil Reddish Dark Blonde Henna Hair Cream

Surya Brasil Reddish Dark Blonde Henna Hair Cream is a semi-permanent hair colouring containing hair dyes plus herbs and fruits from Brazil and India. Surya Henna Hair Cream offers simultaneous colouration and deep, intense conditioning treatment for the hair and scalp. Surya Reddish Dark Blonde Henna Cream colors grey on first application. The cream is easy to use, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. Safe for use on chemically treated and coloured hair.

What does the Surya Henna Reddish Dark Blonde Hair Cream kit contain?
One Surya Brasil Reddish Dark Blonde Henna Hair Cream contains: 1 bottle of cream (reddish dark blonde hair) (2.3 fl. oz.), one pair of plastic gloves, one plastic cap, and easy to follow instructions.