Sapien Men Facial Scrub

Sapien Men Facial Scrub  removes impurities from the skin’s surface and deeply cleans the pores, always leaving the skin fresh and soft. Makes shaving more comfortable by preventing irritation of the skin and ingrown hairs. Controls oiliness, leaving the skin powerfully hydrated. Helps in the treatment of acne and seborrhea. Mild and non-irritating formula with Açai grains and Aloe Vera hydrates and protects the skin. Contains Green Clay rich in silicium, which plays an important role n the formation of collagen. Our exclusive, natural and certified organic formula provides gentle yet effective exfoliation for all skin types. With Açaí scrubbing grains, Sapien Men Facial Scrub clears away dead cells while keeping the skin hydrated. Green Clay controls oiliness and provides an invigorating action to the skin.