Surya Henna Hair Powder Colour Chart

For best results, prior to using the product, wash the hair with Surya Restorative Shampoo to remove residues such as gel, fixative, cream or oil. After colouring, Surya Brasil’s Colour Fixation Conditioner or Leave-In Conditioner can be used for added manageability and for extending colour duration.

• The use of thermal bonnet results in a more intense colour

• Different colours of Surya Henna Powder can be used to obtain special colours.

• Surya Henna Powder may be applied several times without any interval.

• Surya Henna Powder is indicated for all hair types. Colour uptake should be monitored in the case of dry, damaged or processed hair.

• In case of error in the selection of a colour, another Surya HennaPowder can be applied immediately after previous colouring, leaving your hair shiny and radiant.